Craig Phillips discusses the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE)

As someone who has spent long periods of time on building sites, I have seen first-hand how proper equipment is essential for personal safety.

For manual jobs across a range of industries, personal protective equipment (PPE) is vitally important to protect yourself against potential hazards and ensure your safety.

PPE is a broad term that encompasses a variety of equipment including goggles, helmets, gloves and general clothing. The hazards that can potentially arise on a day-to-day basis include contaminated air, falling materials, splashes of dangerous liquids, corrosive materials and extreme temperatures.

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or providing kit for your workforce, it is important to choose the correct equipment that is high-quality and will do the exact job you require. Before buying, it is a good idea to consider the size and fit of the materials so there is no danger of them slipping off and leaving you unprotected.

If you are providing equipment for other people, you will need to be well-versed in the correct usage so you can instruct and train your workforce.

If you are buying for personal use, the instruction manual will contain all the information you need.

Often the most dangerous situations occur with jobs that will ‘just take a few minutes’. People often think that if you are doing a job quickly, it is not worth going through the effort of putting on the correct PPE. There should never be any exemptions as this equipment is designed to protect from serious harm and even save lives.

Personal protective equipment should be looked after and kept in good condition to ensure it continues to work to its full effectiveness so finding a proper storage place is important.

Leading Swedish workwear manufacturer Blåkläder produces a wide range of high quality products designed to provide protection in a variety of environments. Their range includes industry-specific items, clothing to protect against the elements, highvis workwear, gloves and general accessories.

The importance of this type of clothing cannot be overstated; it protects people on a daily basis. Extensively tested to protect against specific risks and hazards, Blåkläder are fast establishing themselves as one of the UK’s premier suppliers for hard-working people up and down the country.

Craig is the official brand ambassador for Blåkläder workwear. More information can be found at

Find out more about Blaklader Workwear by viewing their company profile, here.

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