Before capturing the nation’s hearts to win the first series of Big Brother, Craig Phillips was a successful self-made entrepreneur who ran a construction business throughout the 1990’s employing 30 tradesmen and operating with an annual turnover of more than £1 million.

Craig’s expertise and warm personality has seen him become one of the most sought after construction and DIY experts on television, appearing on shows including ’60 Minute Makeover’, ‘House Trap’, ‘Renovation Street’ and ‘Craig’s Trade Tips’.

He is also the ambassador for leading Swedish workwear provider Blåkläder.

Craig discusses the importance of clothing to protect workmen on site.

The attitude to workwear in European countries is still a little different to the UK’s. For workers in these countries the correct workwear is of paramount importance and it is very unlikely you would find a construction worker in old jeans and a t-shirt.

In the UK there is a tendency to just throw on some old clothes and get on with the job but it’s important you wear safe and high quality clothing.

When working in any industry, the correct equipment is of paramount importance. There are many items produced specifically for this purpose such as kneepads, goggles and headgear but the simplest and most basic form of protection is your clothing.

There are many ways in which your clothing can help to protect you; different materials can have different purposes such as high visibility and protection from heat, dirt, oil and acid plus many more. By choosing the right clothing, you will be prepared for most work eventualities.

Comfort is just as important as functionality, helping you to perform at your very best. In the summer, it is essential to wear lightweight, breathable clothes that retain full protection and in winter, warm and durable clothing will ensure that you are able to work effectively in any temperature. It is unlikely that the manufacturer of standard clothing will afford the correct protection or help you to produce the very best work, but specialised work wear holds the solution.

Workwear should be high on your list of priorities as an industry professional. It’s important to ensure all clothing is great quality, durable, comfortable and protective. Leading Swedish workwear manufacturer Blåkläder has a well-earned reputation for making some of the industries most robust, hard-wearing and practical workwear and can help ensure you’re protected the best you can be.

Craig is the official brand ambassador for Blåkläder workwear. More information can be found at

Find out more about Blaklader Workwear by viewing their company profile, here.

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