Time for the Government to get serious about commercial solar?

In the UK there is much hype around domestic solar panels but relatively little thought is given to how solar power can benefit businesses.

Mainstream media is alive with debate as to the pros and cons of solar panels on homes, but the question is why has commercial solar, to all intents and purposes, been maligned for so long?

According to social entrepreneur and environmental campaigner Jeremy Leggett writing in the Guardian, the main reasons for this seem to be Government’s lack of an appetite for commercial solar incentives He argues that the FIT (Feed-In Tarriff) rate initially needs to be higher in order to attract new companies as opposed to the usual die-hard supporters of solar.

A recent Telegraph articles cites the statistic that around 400 commercial-scale (100kWp or greater) solar PV systems have been installed out of the approximately 1.8m commercial properties in the UK. This demonstrates the immense scope that there is for commercial solar.

On the continent one-third of solar panels are installed on commercial premises, whereas in the UK this figure is a barely measurable fifth of a percent.

The benefits are undeniable: apart from the ability to generate their own energy, solar panels offer businesses the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, hedge against rising energy costs and a potentially reduce business rates from 2017.

The emphasis has, until recently, been on solar farms, but recently Government funding for this scheme has been cut. As a result perhaps it is the perfect time for Ministers to sit down and consider commercial solar energy in earnest?

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