Which Social Network Should You Be Using?

With around 699 million daily active users and the number of total users soaring over 1 billion, Facebook has cemented its status as the go-to social network for all kinds of users, whether they are interacting with friends and family or promoting their business.

But with Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and a huge number of other social networks upping the ante and amassing huge numbers of niche users across different markets, is Facebook always the way to go?

Scott Dylan, digital marketing consultant and expert in all things social media, says, “With millions more users than any other social network, Facebook is obviously a premium marketing tool for many businesses. But the plethora of other social networks with more targeted audiences and specific features can offer a great deal more value as a business asset when utilised correctly.

Rather than simply following the crowd and setting up a Facebook page because it is the popular thing to do, businesses should take the time to identify which of the many social networks would be most relevant for them and their clients.”

Businesses are increasingly finding themselves fighting it out on the battleground of Facebook for ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, and the site is quickly reaching saturation point. Whilst all businesses would surely benefit from having a Facebook page, with potential exposure to 1 billion people across the globe, there are a great number of other options for businesses who want to target an audience more relevant to their business.

Each of the main social networks has its own advantages which can be used to strengthen a business and reach audiences that might not be found using Facebook.

Twitter is the next most popular social networking site after Facebook, with 100,000 tweets sent across the globe every minute. One of the stand-out features of Twitter is the capacity to reach out to influential figures in many fields.

Every expert worth their salt has a Twitter page where they can post relevant content and ideas nowadays, and businesses have found that reaching out to these influential figures, interacting with them, sharing ideas and even being followed by them can give them a credibility that is difficult to achieve on something like Facebook. Twitter is also a useful tool for interacting with customers, clients and other interested parties; innovative customer service accounts manned by friendly and helpful staff are a popular feature on Twitter, and they can effectively put an end to costly helplines which cost more to maintain and run.

Instagram is a relatively new social network in comparison to the others in the heavyweight league, but it has proved its worth for businesses time and time again. When it was acquired by Facebook for $1bn last year, it joined the big league of social networks. Instagram is most popular with young, urban adults who like to interact not only with friends but also with businesses relevant to their interests. Urban clothing retailers, music producers, local bars, cafes, restaurants and boutiques can all find their audience on Instagram, and the graphic sharing element means that they can promote their products and post relevant content that will look cool to a younger demographic.

LinkedIn is renowned for being the professionals’ network. With a serious image and the potential for networking with influential figures that will add credibility, LinkedIn would be far more beneficial for someone working in the fields of finance, law, marketing to promote their abilities and their business to likeminded individuals.

Those starting up new businesses are also advised to set themselves up a LinkedIn page, which will allow them a single place to store their achievements and to boost their own prospects as a business owner.

Pinterest is also fairly new, and like Instagram, utilises graphics rather than text content as its main form of promotion and communication. Women are five times as likely as men to use Pinterest, with affluent and successful women the most prevalent users here; businesses which largely target women, such as women’s fashion networks, quaint bakeries, nail salons or beauty businesses will find their demographic on this network.

To find out more about digital communication and social media, visit http://www.scottdylan.net/

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