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Airius Europe

Airius Europe Ltd is an air circulation specialist focusing on the process known as thermal destratification through the use of our patented thermal destratification ceiling fans.

Destratification, the moving of existing hot air at ceiling height to floor level, is a unique and more cost-effective alternative to traditional oversized ceiling fans or the re-engineering of existing HVAC systems. In high buildings temperatures at roof or ceiling height can easily reach 35°C whilst temperatures on the floor can struggle to reach acceptable levels. Unless you have a good reason to heat the ceiling, and we can’t think of one, that’s a huge waste of energy and money.

AIRIUS Systems balance temperatures and conserves energy. Airius customers experience large heating cost reductions of between 20% and 50%, and internal atmospheres are greatly improved to the benefit of people using these buildings. Airius fans can also very effectively improve the distribution of cool air from air conditioning systems.

The Airius range of fans can be used in any buildings with ceiling heights from 2.5m to 25m, they are easy to install, operate and require virtually no maintenance. Airius fans use very little power; 12 to 150 watts depending upon model number from single phase power. Airius fans don’t need to be integrated into building management systems or connected  to thermostats.

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