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FLIR Systems Ltd

FLIR Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras for industrial applications. The breadth of its product range is unmatched.

In broad terms the FLIR Systems product programme comprises dedicated ranges of infrared cameras for preventive maintenance applications, building diagnostics, demanding scientific and R and D work and for process control, security and machine vision. Standard models are also available for gas detection.

FLIR Systems manufactures infrared cameras that are characterized by highly accurate temperature measurement, high-capacity image storage and comprehensive analysis capability. Systems fall into two categories, hand-held and fixed installation. The majority use a common-core imaging system, based on state-of-the-art cooled or uncooled sensor technology.

FLIR Systems cameras suit just about every budget and application from the simple "find-it, fix-it" toolbox tool through to high speed, high definition systems for research, development and scientific applications.

All camera products are manufactured in four plants, three are in the USA and one in Sweden. The combined facilities employ more than 1,300 dedicated infrared specialists and FLIR Systems is the only IR camera manufacturer with such a high degree of vertical integration.

To ensure high quality, FLIR Systems manufactures all critical elements in-house. The company is unique in the infrared world in that it manufactures both its own optics and detectors.

Today, FLIR Systems has fully owned subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the USA. A worldwide network of agents and distributors now spans more than 60 countries to support FLIR Systems international customer base.

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Press Releases

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> 28/11/2011

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> 09/06/2011

New Stand-Alone Building Analysis Software

All the benefits of FLIR’s BuildIR software are now available as a stand-alone package. When it was first introduced earlier this year, this dedicated software for the advanced analysis of building structures was a plug-in....

> 02/03/2011

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