Kimberly-Clark Professional

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* has been using ‘FMO’ since 2011 and has been very pleased with the results to date.

The experience has been more than successful with a series of analytics that has helped us to maintain
and monitor our profile online.

Statistics show that over the past month alone, KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* received over
fifty-five thousand views on its FMO profile. In addition, the analytics show that press releases for the last month
alone have received as many as 350 views per release.

There have also been a number of direct sales leads as a result. Overall KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*
believes FMO is one of its key media platforms and looks forward to adding further press releases in the

DED Limited

"We have found FMO both cost-effective and easy-to-use and it has quickly become an integral part of our marketing strategy".

John Bauckham MCSD Marketing Executive


The Interiors Group

"FMO is a very important part of our total marketing strategy".

David Mackie, Director, The Interiors Group.


CIP Development Services

"We currently operate extensively in developing markets around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in the field of business upgrading and change management.

Under utilisation and ineffective management of facilities are areas that we constantly have to address.

We find FMO extremely user friendly and informative. Furthermore FMO helps us to stay up to date with the best practice within the industry and which in turn provides us with the necessary information to bench our clients against an international standard.

FMO has also been helpful in identifying and sourcing product and service providers which complement the services we provide".

Terry Indge, Director, CIP Development Services and Member of the Institute of Directors.

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