FMO is also a leading data supplier, and wherever you are in your own specific market; we can help you develop industry-leading marketing campaigns, expand your customer base and put you ahead of your competition with intelligent targeted solutions.

With over 600,000 double opt-in, senior decision maker and high net worth contacts from within UK based SME's through to the largest blue chip organisations; we are confident you have come to the right place to market your company.

How we can help you?

Over the past 12 years, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of all methods of our specialised, shared business website and newsletter advertising services; through to direct marketing and complete online database rental services. This ensures that whether you are a blue chip corporation or a local retailer, FMO can maximise the opportunities within your marketplace using award winning business-to-business and consumer data.

What we offer?

We can give you access to one of the UK’s largest and most accurate databases to help you accurately target your market and increase your profit margins. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, increase your sales and expand your customer base, FMO is the company for you.

Why email marketing?

Our 600,000 senior level, SME and Blue-Chip decision maker, email marketing database is one of the most effective within the marketplace.

The reason it is so effective is due to its double opt-in status. Email recipients are spoken to and explained that they can receive business information by email. They are asked what particular areas of the company are looked after by the contact so we can route marketing information to the most suitable contact within that company. They are then also contacted in order to confirm their information and opt-in status. The email address is then emailed every 8 weeks to allow people to unsubscribe & remove dead email addresses.

Data Quality Page

Ever been given sub-standard data by a company that “claims” to be the best? With FMO you can rest assured our Databases are the best in the market, because we give you our quality guarantees in black and white.

We use a variety of methods in order to keep our data the most up to date in the market place. 

A dedicated 50 seat call centre makes over 140k verification calls per month. Various online directories update our databases with weekly feeds and updates, as well as the standard third party resources such as Royal Mail, BT OSIS, Dept of Trade and Industry.