Amey is first to adopt new FM software to cut costs and prove contract compliance

The not-so-lone worker: new smartphone video app connects field to base for faster fixes

Facilities management companies are among the early adopters of a new FM software smartphone app called “eviid” that allows workers on site to securely capture video evidence of jobs completed, and “patch in” experts or supervisors via live and recorded video link to make informed decisions on the spot.

Developed by UK start-up YRfree, the app’s beta version has already been deployed successfully by Amey, who use eviid to video-record job progress and completion on standard smartphones and tablets, generating instant, definitive reports.

As a result, workers no longer have to laboriously fill in forms on site, take photos or manually upload material to document site conditions and provide proof of work carried out.

Eviid also allows field technicians to resolve issues in real-time - instead of having to delay jobs whilst seeking approval or advice from off-site specialists and management.

John Ridd, CEO of YRfree, explains: “Smartphones can be a powerful tool in FM, where a lot of work is carried out almost unseen, by lone workers or field teams, who may want to capture site conditions on arrival, prove they’ve completed a task or get a third opinion from an expert. However, the consumer apps available to do this are simply not suitable for handling business-critical information. That’s where eviid comes in.”

Eviid is designed for professional use. It ensures footage and images are captured and stored securely and in line with data protection legislation. Eviid consists of a smartphone app and a back-end system, which together constitute a secure, controlled environment.

Access to images captured through the app is fully controlled within this system and does not, for example, show in the device’s photo gallery.

Video is uploaded to secure storage fast - at typically fifteen times the upload speed of a normal video file. What takes two minutes on eviid would take 30 minutes using e-mail or MMS.

Uniquely, eviid adds a patent-pending tamper-evident ‘wrapper’ of contextual data to any video captured through the app, turning it into evidence that would withstand scrutiny in court and serves as a reliable record of work in the event of a dispute.

John Ridd continues: “Eviid takes away all of the admin hassle on site, whilst providing workers with a simple reporting and support tool that has them covered. In simple terms, eviid automatically stamps date, place and time onto the footage, puts it in a tamper-evident wrapper, compresses it and sends it to a safe place. For FM companies and contractors this means a better, faster and fool-proof way of capturing and sharing a situation, proving compliance or showing jobs completed. Eviid makes FM visible.”

Eviid is available as a pure enterprise solution or as an easy-to-use consumer app supported by an enterprise back-end.

Find out more about Eviid by viewing their company profile, here.

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