Andrews Chillers Deliveries Comfort Cooling for Five-Star Hotel

Andrews Chiller Hire was quick to respond to the urgent requirements of a large London five-star hotel when their chillers were taken off line during replacement of the existing air conditioning system. Plant downtime waiting for installation of a new chiller meant the hotel lost all its cooling.

When visiting any five star hotel, guests expect an air of excellence created by beautiful luxurious and comfortable surroundings, flawless service all within a carefully control environment.

Maintaining high standards throughout means that refurbishment work and upgrading continually evolves all out of sight of paying guest. When a chill in the air is felt owing to inadequate and poor air conditioning guests begin to question hotel standards.

This five-star hotel, with 400 bedrooms including a number of studio and bedroom suites had instigated an extensive hotel refurbishment project, part of which called for up-grading the air conditioning system which required taking their chiller plant off-line ready for subsequent replacement. This was to have a more significant effect on the hotel cooling than management had anticipated, a solution was urgently needed.

Emergency chiller hire was essential and with more than 25 depots nationwide and one of the few hire specialists with depots inside the M25 including a newly opened 10,000m2 London-based depot, Andrews Chiller Hire were certainly close at hand. The new depot, believed to be the first of its kind in London enables businesses to have faster access to specialist chiller hire and not be penalised for their London location which may until now have meant a longer than normal wait for emergency response.

Owing to the urgency of protecting the hotel reputation an engineering team from Andrews Chillers had a 750kW chiller on site and installed within 48Hrs. The chiller had to be positioned in a restricted service road at the rear of the hotel, this meant out-of-hours delivery to prevent disruptions. It was left on a trailer in a parking bay adjacent to the service road.

Access and installation was extremely difficult, daunting for many but not the Andrews team as this seems a way of life. Hoses from the chiller were passed down a light well into the hotel basement, along a corridor and connected to the chiller circuit, restoring cooling to the hotel.

A spokesperson for the hotel congratulated the company for its first class support, saying “the setup crew delivered a great level of service, dedication and professionalisms while on site for both installing and removing the chillers.”

Andrews Chiller Hire, part of the established Andrews Sykes group, operates with an extensive range of energy efficient air-cooled fluid chillers with sizes from 1kW to multi megawatt units. The diversity in chiller designs, sizes and functionality offers real practical solutions for temporary replacement of failing or under-performing cooling units. The product range and speed of response means that Andrews can deliver a solution for time critical situations.

The London depot is the latest in Andrews Chillers national network of 25 depots strategically positioned, the company providing true 24/7, 365 day access to specialist engineering staff that can respond quickly, evaluate site requirements and arrange urgent delivery of the right type of chiller.

Find out more about Andrews Sykes by viewing their company profile, here.

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