Chiller Hire Prevents Server Room Shutdown

Temporary short-term hire of two compact 100kW chillers from Andrews Chiller Hire provided essential support to maintain optimum temperature within the data centre of one of Britain’s leading communications company whist their in-house air-conditioning was taken off-line.

This prompt action by Andrews provided protection to critical equipment in the server room, preventing disruption to their business and customer services.

Data centres require efficient air conditioning to ensure the smooth running of their servers. Heat can build up for many reasons, including a lack of air flow, heat spots caused by server positioning, existing air conditioner’s ability to deal with the heat load and inefficient air conditioning solutions.

Some businesses will have a secondary air conditioning supply in place to avoid dreaded downtime experienced when servers shut down due to the rising temperature. This is especially true for commercial data centres, which are processing millions of pounds’ worth of transactions each day from across the globe.

Should an organisation’s backup fail, the availability of emergency air conditioning is non-negotiable, especially when downtime will usually result in a great deal of lost revenue.

With emergency maintenance work required on the existing cooling system at the communications centre it meant all existing air conditioning in their data centre would be switched off. To prevent equipment failure through overheating and subsequent business interruption a temporary solution needed to be source urgently.

A technician from one of Andrews Sykes local depots visited the premises to conduct a site survey; assessing the situation it was determined that there was a need for 200kW of cooling duty on site. Due to a restriction in height and an inadequate on-site power supply the technician decided that the best solution would be to supply two 100kW temporary chillers and a 200kW air handler.

Andrews Chiller Hire, a specialist in providing tailored air conditioning solutions at short notice, operates with one of the largest chiller hire fleets with capacities ranging from 30kW units to multi megawatt packages. It also has over 20 depots strategically positioned throughout the UK which ensures that equipment can be despatched and on-site as quickly as possible. These factors plus expert knowledge often make Andrews Sykes the preferred responder in an emergency.

Once the temporary chillers had been commissioned for this major communications organisation, they worked perfectly, distributing an optimal level of cooling throughout the date centre, adverting potential plant closure.

Find out more about Andrews Sykes by viewing their company profile, here.

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