Everything You Need To Know About Thermal Imaging

Anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of thermal imaging should make time to visit the FLIR website www.flir.com for a brand new download. The company has created a highly-informative guide to the technology, a serious publication for any would-be thermographer. And it’s free, both as a download and a hard copy, 48-page book.

FLIR Systems is the world leader in this technology and all of its expertise, in terms of camera/software design and applications know how, is invested in this guide. It’s far from being a sales medium for FLIR however. The publication provides a thorough grounding in industrial and building science infrared.

The content takes the reader through the design of a thermal imaging camera, how it works and why the technology is so important in a world so highly focussed on thermal efficiency and minimising energy loss. It offers an overview of typical applications and guidance on choosing the right camera supplier.

Subsequent chapters explore the science behind thermography in industrial and building applications and how to identify the camera features that best suit the task. And naturally the guide wouldn’t be complete without a sizeable page allocation to thermal inspection and how to achieve the best results.

“This book is a great reference manual,” concludes FLIR’s UK Sales Manager, Andy Baker. “It’s entertaining, packed with objective information and best of all, it’s free!”

Find out more about FLIR Systems Ltd by viewing their company profile, here.

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