GA Helps Top Ad Agency Get Into Film

GA Consultancy recently installed solar control window film on a large atrium roof for creative advertising agency BBH.

The glass roof forms part of BBH’s head offices on Regent Street, London, bringing in light and adding space to the building. Unfortunately the blinds that had been fitted to control the sunlight had recently failed, which meant that employees and visitors were affected by excess glare and overheating.

In response, GA Consultancy specified solar reflective film from Dymond Products to the outside face of the glass roof, which removed glare and prevented ‘solar gain’ that caused the problem.

Andy Coppin, Director of Office Services for BBH, said that despite removing the uncomfortable elements of large glass roofs, the aesthetic appeal was undiminished. “Even though the glare from the sun has been reduced – and we no longer have to ramp up the air conditioning whenever the sun comes out – we can’t actually see the film,” he said. “The system is very discreet, and we can still enjoy the openness the roof brings.”

The film reflects the part of the sunlight’s wavelength associated with heat, thus preventing heat gain. This, in turn, saves energy by cutting down on air conditioning and ventilation. Cutting down on the amount of glare also cuts down on the eye strain and associated headaches experienced by computer users, ensuring better productivity and greater flexibility of available space. Furthermore, the films filter out harmful UV radiation protecting fabrics and furnishings from fading.

This installation marks a significant milestone in the relationship between BBH and Alan James of GA Consultancy; Alan’s firm installed the blast-proof film on the office windows when the creative agency moved into the offices 15 years ago. At the time, London was on high alert due to the bombing campaign carried out by the IRA, and BBH wanted to protect its employees in the event of an explosion near the offices.

Since then, Alan has been involved in numerous schemes to apply film to interior and exterior glass. One popular application has been the portrayal of graphics on internal partitions. For instance, the company has several meeting rooms that have had colours applied to the glass walls, and the company also has a skyline of the world portrayed on office partitioning, with BBH’s global locations mapped out on it.

“We met Alan, now head of GA Consultancy, about 15 years ago, and since then we have worked with him for a number of contracts,” Andy said. “GA is a professional outfit and always sorts out our needs.”

Find out more about GA Consultancy Dymond Products Ltd by viewing their company profile, here.

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