MHA Lighting has been transforming the LED lighting industry since 2009

The recent announcement by Philips about their technical roadmap into 2015 further highlights the rapid evolution seen in the LED Lighting Industry.

( Couple this with the fact that lighting accounts for more than 19% of global electricity consumption and reports from organisations such as the Carbon Trust indicating that energy efficient lighting, such as LED, can save UK businesses £700m a year and cut more than 10 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Other research puts the savings closer to £1.4 billion.

LED truly is the future of lighting, but that future is already here.

Presently only around 10-15% of the general lighting market is occupied by LED. This is set to increase to 64% by 2020, resulting in a market value of $75.6billion.

Pioneering North West-based LED Lighting manufacturer, MHA Lighting, has been enjoying the benefits of the continuously improving LED technology since the company’s inception in late 2009, helping its blue chip clientele to achieve significant reduction in their energy bills and Co2 emissions.

From its base in Atherton, Greater Manchester, award-winning MHA Lighting first went to market in 2010 using Philips Lumiled 100 lumen LEDs in projects that typically made savings for customers up to 80% on their lighting energy bills and equivalent Co2 reductions.

The race for more powerful LEDs – which, for example has seen Lumileds rise to 120 lumens and now 150 lumens – will continue at an increasingly faster pace as the global chip manufacturers compete for market share.

MHA is uniquely positioned to take maximum advantage of higher powered LEDs as a direct result of its technology, whereby it shines the light emitted from the LED sideways and does not require a diffuser to combat the potential glare effect.

Managing Director of MHA Lighting, Tom Harrison explains: “Because of our unique approach we are able to respond to the rapid advances in LED technology, as we are the only lighting manufacturer to use waveguide technology to shine light sideways into an encapsulation – not directly outwards. This avoids direct contact with the eye and provides a safe and efficient light output.”

MHA’s patented waveguide technology offers distinct advantages over other LED manufacturers as it allows the company to replicate the light quality and uniformity of traditional lighting.

MHA also use acrylic rods to amplify and control the light output, reducing the number of LEDs required. This means they can use high power LEDs, draw less current and have no need to diffuse the output.

Tom continued: “To be truthful, high-power LEDs are just one part of the overall package to produce energy efficient LED lighting. Crucial factors such as how uniformly distributed the light is, the light’s efficacy, colour temperature and colour rendering not to mention the reliability of the LED itself all play a major role.”

“It is also essential to note that all the benefits of LED technology are completely dependent upon longevity in the fitting, and longevity in a LED light engine is completely dependent upon three crucial factors: The LED itself, thermal management of the junction temperature and the driver.”

MHA Lighting’s strapline - The future of lighting is here - is intentional. The technology really is here right now and over the next couple of years the take up will be no less than phenomenal and with further, inevitable advanced in LED technology, LEDs achieving in excess of 200 lumen will be commonplace.

Find out more about MHA Lighting by viewing their company profile, here.

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