New Stand-Alone Building Analysis Software

All the benefits of FLIR’s BuildIR software are now available as a stand-alone package. When it was first introduced earlier this year, this dedicated software for the advanced analysis of building structures was a plug-in to the company’s Reporter platform. Now it is an independent product that needs no other software support and it has been introduced with even more time-saving features.

FLIR BuildIR works with the FLIR B-Series infrared cameras to visualise and quantify building related problems such as structural and insulation defects, thermal bridges and moisture ingress. It includes ten professional pre-designed report templates for easy and comprehensive report creation.

New to this release is the energy cost comparison report that allows the easy calculation of the achievable cost savings when the identified structural problems are fixed. A humidity inspection report for calculating dew points and an air tightness report have also been added. Other new features include a thumbnail gallery and the automatic linking of corresponding image files.

The Panorama tool allows images to be dragged, dropped and automatically overlayed into a composite image. Uniquely every pixel on the image is transferred with its own radiometric data so accurate temperature measurement is assured and the enlarged image retains its JPEG format. With the new software this feature also includes the ability to crop the image and correct perspective.

FLIR BuildIR includes an image editor that has special alarms which signify moisture and insulation deficiencies as well as temperatures above, below and between set levels. It is easy to add and edit measurements, change palettes or rotate and adjust the image to make anomalies clearly visible.

Other product highlights include a sensor tool for plotting graphs of conditions during the inspection, a grid/area quantifying function, an energy cost estimation calculator and the ability to customise reports to suit the application. Another useful tool is the quick collection workspace that acts as a clipboard for all the elements needed for analysis and report creation.

This independent software is now downloadable as a 30-day trial version from

Find out more about FLIR Systems Ltd by viewing their company profile, here.

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