Seeing Eye To Eye Stanley Launches EYELOCK Andanced Iris-Based Biometric Technology

Stanley Security Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with EyeLock to deliver a suite of the most advanced, efficient, cost effective iris-based biometric technology product solutions available to Stanley’s global client base.

EyeLock effectively reduces identity-based fraud by securely matching people with the unique biometric markers associated with their irises - second only to an individual’s DNA as a proven biological constant. The human iris has approximately 2,000 points that are variable from person to person, making it the most stable biometric template available. EyeLock detects these key features whilst simultaneously employing a ‘life verifier’ which recognises the absence of a live person and denies access. Its error rate is one in 300 million per eye - impressive figures by any standard.

EyeLock is not only extremely secure, but also highly convenient and accurate. EyeLock scans a user’s iris at a distance while the person is in motion at the rate of up to 50 people per minute, for high throughput and ease of use.

EyeLock’s innovative biometric access control technology includes proprietary camera, lighting technology, chip-sets, software and physical form factors for capturing iris data. There are a number of products in the range, including the top of the range HBOX multi-modal biometric reader for up to 50 people per minute; the EyeSwipe for up to 30 people per minute; the EyeSwipe Mini, a cost effective replacement for card based access control systems and the entry level EyeSwipe Nano.

“Customers look to Stanley to provide unique, innovative and complete security solutions and technologies to solve their security and business needs” states Mark Page, Sales Director of Stanley Security Solutions GB. “We are excited to partner with EyeLock, a proven leader in iris-based biometric technology solutions. We believe the EyeLock technology will be a very positive addition to our suite of security solutions. We have the ability to integrate EyeLock with many of our existing systems, such as Time & Attendance, to provide a higher level of security for our customers than was previously possible or affordable.

“We see the EyeLock solutions as game changers in the identity management space with great application for corporate, industrial, government and national account customers in addition to many commercial applications. With this partnership, Stanley and EyeLock are well-positioned to lead the industry and change the way identity management and access control needs are served.”

For sales information please contact Stanley Security Solutions at 0844 2540032 or via

Find out more about Stanley Security Solutions by viewing their company profile, here.

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