Swiftclean offers free compliance health check

The masters of the Science of Compliance, the team from Swiftclean Building Services, will be offering a free compliance health check to delegates to The Facilities Show.

Using the new Swiftclean Compliance Checker, an online tool which allows building managers to see at a glance whether their building is compliant in three key aspects, Swiftclean’s experts will be able to diagnose in a matter of seconds whether a building has a clean bill of health or is storing up health and safety problems for the future.

Swiftclean specialises in ventilation system hygiene, including ductwork cleaning and Kitchen Extract Fire Safety Cleaning to TR/19 industry guidelines as well as Legionella control and risk assessment in water systems to L8, the HSE approved code of practice. The company’s online Compliance Checker features sliders which instantly indicate areas of compliance or non-compliance in these three critical areas of building maintenance.

For responsible persons in charge of properties, the Compliance Checker is an invaluable indication of whether the maintenance in the property is up to date and in compliance with the legal requirements and in line with TR/19 and L8.

Meeting these critical maintenance benchmarks is essential for safety and health; while compliance is also essential to safeguard buildings insurance and to protect the responsible person from investigation and possible prosecution for negligence.

Swiftclean’s consultants will demonstrate the Compliance Checker on the stand at The Facilities Show, giving a free diagnosis of any essential building services hygiene related maintenance problems that need urgent treatment.

Swiftclean’s Managing Director, Gary Nicholls, explains, “A ventilation system is like the lungs of a building, so needs to be clean and clear so the building and its inhabitants can breathe easily.

Ductwork is more like the arteries which can clog with debris, grease and fat deposits; and these need to be regularly removed and the ductwork cleaned to maintain good health in the building.

Finally, the water system must be kept clean, safe and flowing, in order to prevent diseases such as legionella, much like the lymphatic system in a human body.”

In just the same way as a health check with a doctor can highlight lifestyle areas that need to be changed or detect serious underlying problems, Swiftclean’s free health check at the Facilities Show will give a rapid snapshot view of whether there’s a compliance issue with a building that ought to be tackled as soon as possible, the company says.

With a problem identified, Swiftclean’s expert teams are able to provide specialist services which provide full compliance; as well as certification where appropriate. Its ongoing maintenance services ensure that once a property has adopted a healthy lifestyle, it can stay healthy and legally compliant for the future.

Find out more about Swiftclean by viewing their company profile, here.

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