The Jamie Oliver Group Choose to Support Breast Cancer Research with the Datacard SD260 ID Card Printer

The Jamie Oliver Group Choose to Support Breast Cancer Research with the Datacard SD260 ID Card Printer

Posted 2 months ago by PRIVA Building Intelligence Ltd

Jamie Oliver is a household name, an internationally acclaimed chef amongst many other things, Jamie Oliver has his finger in a lot of pies.

The Jamie Oliver Group look after ‘all things Jamie’ including food and recipe development, creating amazing cookbooks and magazines, producing inspiring and informative television, developing brilliant new food and non-food products, endorsing products that Jamie believes in and improving people’s lives through food.

They also look after The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation which aims to inspire people to reconnect with food and keep cooking skills alive.

Clearly The Jamie Oliver Group have a lot on their plate but have taken time to think about how they can best offer a secure work environment for their Head Office employees whilst offering a few perks and helping other charities along the way.

Identifying the need to print high quality plastic ID cards for all their staff to offer increased security, The Jamie Oliver Group got in touch with long term partner Lancer Labels Ltd for some advice on the best way to move forward.

Having worked closely with The Jamie Oliver Group since 2008 on various projects, Michael Roberts, Operations Manger at Lancer Labels worked with card printer specialist DED to decide on the best printer for the job.

Print quality was of paramount importance for this project, the ID cards had a photo requirement and the photos needed to be crisp, clear and sharp.

Offering vibrant ID card prints in super speedy time, the Datacard SD260 card printer was quickly identified as the most appropriate printer for this project.

To further strengthen the case for the SD260, Michael soon discovered from DED that for a short time only, Datacard were offering the usually blue SD260 ID card printer in a limited edition pink version to raise money for breast cancer research.

Michael commented “when we heard that breast cancer research would benefit from the sale of this particular model of card printer, The Jamie Oliver Group and I agreed that it was a deal worth getting on board with.”

With high standards to meet, in a busy environment, the Datacard SD260 is being used to print ID cards for all staff at The Jamie Oliver Group head office.

The cards identify all personnel within the company. With a bespoke template created by their in-house designers which needed to match the high quality look the group is known for, the card features an employees name, photo and employment status.

The cards are also being used to offer discounts for all staff at all Jamie Oliver Restaurants, Recipease Shops and in the employee restaurant.

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