phs offers fab new product to convert flushers into binners

Businesses are now able to provide a brand new product in their washrooms designed to change the mindset of users and tackle a long-standing environmental problem.

Half of UK women are believed to flush sanitary products down the toilet – despite the fact they should not be flushed. It’s estimated that up to two billion sanitary items are flushed down Britain’s toilets each year. This contributes to blockages which can be messy, unhygienic and expensive to fix; nationally, it costs £88m a year to unblock sewers. And these flushed products can also end up strewn across beaches and in the sea.

But the result of a new partnership between washroom services provider phs Group and FabLittleBag aims to make a difference. FabLittleBag is a discrete, purpose-designed bag for users to dispose of their sanitary waste.

With businesses placing a greater emphasis on environmental objectives, it is hoped they can be inspired to help clean-up tampon pollution and encourage people to become binners, not flushers. Martha Silcott, co-founder of FabLittleBag, explained: “Many women don’t know that they can’t flush tampons; they’re guilty of doing it but they’re doing so innocently. The problem is that disposing of tampons isn’t always easy.

FabLittleBag is unlike anything out there on the market. It has a patented design and can be opened with just one hand, is opaque, biodegradable, and ensures you can hygienically bin your sanitary items with confidence.

It prevents leaks, bin contamination, odour and prevents waste from sticking to the sides and lids of sanitary bins. It transforms sanitary disposal into something that both feels good and does good.”

Research conducted with parenting website Mumsnet found that 97% of flushers converted to binning sanitary products after just one month’s use. Paul Doble, Chief Commercial Officer for phs Group which is the exclusive provider of FabLittleBag to the commercial market in the UK, said: “At phs, our role is to support businesses to provide the right products for their customers and, by doing so, help them to improve their environmental performance and reduce costs.

“It’s evident that businesses are taking their responsibility for their environmental impact more seriously. FabLittleBag offers businesses the opportunity to make a difference to the environment while, at the same time, enhancing the user experience of their washrooms.”

See how FabLittleBag works in phs’ interview with Martha Silcott:

For more information, visit or follow @phsGroup on Twitter and phs Group on LinkedIn

Find out more about phs group by viewing their company profile, here.

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