Azur Solar ready for challenge on proposed FiT changes

Azur Solar ready for challenge on proposed FiT changes

Posted 1 month ago

“The proposed changes to reduce the UK solar energy Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for installations over 50 kWp should be regarded as an opportunity rather than a threat, as it will move the UK market more quickly towards efficiency and scale,” stated Robert ‘Markus’ Feldmann, AZUR SOLAR UK’s Managing Director. “AZUR SOLAR, hardened from years of massive competition in the German Solar PV market which is the world’s largest, established itself in the UK to master the challenges of industrialisation and scale in the industry from the outset.”

“We have been skeptical of all the ‘free electricity’ proposals from the very beginning. We understand the financials and complexities of the business better than many, having successfully pioneered PV solar developments since the late 1990s and having delivered thousands of economically viable installations to happy customers. These free electricity proposals should now disappear – there is no ‘free lunch’ in terms of sustainable energy – as the recent experience from Japan shows.

“We are here, because we are convinced that the ‘Energy Shift’ needs to happen and we want to contribute towards this to the maximum. We are a commercial business and need to generate profits – and seek financial reward that compensates us for our efforts, the risks we take and the environmental and technological challenges we face. The proposed scheme with drastically reduced FiT rates for installations over 50 kWp and this poses a massive challenge. A key result will be to force innovation towards faster, more efficient and more cost effective solutions – weeding out those in the business simply for short term gain.”

AZUR SOLAR is well prepared to undertake the challenges: From its brand new UK headquarter in Slough, the company’s engineering teams and sales consultants will introduce German and international markets’ best practice and deliver long lasting, high quality installation to satisfied customers. Key to this will be its ability to provide satisfactory incentives to investment by combining attractive prices, innovation and efficiency gains into a compelling offering for its UK commercial customers with large roofs.

From the beginning AZUR SOLAR has championed a rooftop strategy – as it believes that roofs of any size are the ideal place to put a solar PV system opposed to impacting beautiful landscapes – and has consistently delivered against this objective.

Robert ‘Markus’ Feldmann concludes: “The new Feed-in Tariff might be a bit too drastic and it certainly has the major flaw of effectively cutting out large industrial roofs over 250 kWp, which are ideal to get the UK towards a sustainable energy future, but we can live with the current situation and AZUR SOLAR is ideally set up and has the innovative vision to work within it and make PV solar work.”

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